Step-by-Step Guide for Better Visibility on Search Results

In an era where online presence is intimately linked to professional success, standing out in a sea of digital profiles can be a daunting task. However, Google has introduced a feature that offers individuals a new way to shape their personal brand on the web: the Google People Card. This virtual card acts as your digital visiting card, helping to boost your visibility in search results and allowing you to highlight your personal and professional information effectively.

If you are looking to amplify your online repertoire and make it easier for people to find you, this step-by-step guide will walk you through creating a Google People Card. Doing so could potentially elevate your digital presence and ensure that when someone Googles you, they find a well-crafted snapshot of your professional profile.

Learn how to create a Google People Card, a virtual visiting card that boosts your online visibility and allows you to highlight your profile.

Understanding Google People Cards

Before diving into the creation process, it’s important to understand what a Google People Card is. Essentially, it’s a personal profile that appears as a small card at the top of Google search results when someone searches for your name. It’s similar to a business card but for the digital world, displaying your name, occupation, location, and other details you wish to share, like your education, website link, social media profiles, and a brief introduction about yourself.

Eligibility and Preparation

To create a People Card, you must meet certain criteria:

  • A Google account: Your People Card is linked to your Google account, and you’ll need to be signed in to create or edit your card.
  • Mobile phone: The feature is accessed via a mobile device, so you need to have one handy.

Before starting, decide on the information you want to include on your card and how you wish to present yourself. Be ready with a headshot, a concise bio, and links to your professional websites or social media profiles.

The Creation Process

Now that you’re ready, let’s walk through the steps of creating your Google People Card for better visibility.

Step 1: Sign Into Your Google Account

Open your mobile browser and go to, then sign in using your Google account credentials. Your People Card is associated with this account, so make sure it’s the account you want to use for professional or public visibility.

Step 2: Initiate Your People Card

In the search bar, type “add me to Search” or simply “Google People Card,” and you’ll see the prompt to add yourself to Google Search. Click on “Get Started” to begin creating your card.

Step 3: Complete Your Profile Information

You will be presented with a form where you can enter the information you wish to display on your People Card. Fill in details like:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Workplace
  • Education
  • Website
  • Email (which remains private)
  • Phone number (also remains private)
  • Social media links
  • A brief bio of 500 characters or less

Remember: Be as accurate and professional as possible, as this information will be publicly available.

Step 4: Add a Photo

Upload a clear, professional headshot that onlookers can easily associate with you. This visual cue can help people quickly discern your People Card from others with similar names.

Step 5: Review Your Information

After filling in the necessary fields, review all the details you’ve provided. Check for any spelling errors or incorrect information. Remember, this acts as a digital first impression for many who might search for you online.

Step 6: Save and Publish

Once you’ve ensured all the information is accurate, you can then save the details. Google will prompt you to verify your phone number for security purposes. Following this step, your card will be published and appear in Google Search results linked to your name.

Maintaining Your Google People Card

Creating your card is just the first step. To maintain accuracy and relevancy, you should:

  • Regularly update your People Card to reflect any changes in your professional life or personal branding.
  • Monitor your card for any unauthorized changes (Google has verification mechanisms in place to prevent impersonation).

Keep in mind that Google may remove your People Card if it isn’t being regularly updated or if it violates Google’s policies, so active management is key.

Advantages of Having a Google People Card

Why should you consider creating a Google People Card? Here are some potential benefits:

  • Enhanced visibility: Your People Card elevates your search visibility, ensuring that accurate and relevant details about you appear when someone looks for you online.
  • Control over information: Unlike other platforms, you can directly control what information appears on your People Card.
  • Networking opportunities: By making your professional information more accessible, you can open up new connections and opportunities.

Learn how to create a Google People Card, a virtual visiting card that boosts your online visibility and allows you to highlight your profile.


Having a Google People Card can significantly influence your personal brand and how you are perceived online. It offers an official and professional way to present yourself on the world’s most extensively used search engine. By following this step-by-step guide, you can set up your People Card with ease and take a step forward in managing your digital footprint.

Remember, the internet never sleeps, and your People Card will be working for you 24/7 as an ambassador of your professional persona. Keep it updated, clean, and as engaging as your professional journey, and watch as your visibility and networking opportunities begin to increase.