Google is the leader in online search. We make sure your website is visible to your prospects where they search.

Google is the #1 Search Engine: Are you on top?

Your future clients are searching for your services right now on Google.

Are you on the front page so they can find you?

The AOK Marketing SEO team will plan and execute an SEO strategy that lands your business on the first page of Google so you can capture the prospects who are looking for you, right now!


There has been a 900% increase of people adding “near me” to their search terms on Google!

This is because internet users are searching for businesses in their local area, often on their smartphones.

The AOK Marketing SEO team knows exactly how to rank your site for local search keywords that are relevant to your business. Making sure your prospects choose you.


Enterprise SEO is geared for “Fortune 1000” level clients, much larger websites and brands that need a complex and comprehensive approach to SEO.

It is far more challenging to rank a site nationally or globally than locally.

The AOK Marketing Enterprise SEO team will create a strategy that connects your relevant data and analytics with national and global search trends, blended with your social content to make your entire site rank for relevant and highly competitive keywords.

Avoid these fatal mistakes on your next SEO project that will plummet your rankings:

Keyword stuffing

Google considers it “keyword stuffing” when you overuse keywords or use them out of context on your site. This will harm your ranking tremendously. Your keyword density should never rise above 3% on your website.

Black-Hat SEO Methods for Quick Growth

If you use black hat SEO methods, you might get fast rankings, but they won’t last and will end up getting your site banned from Google rankings.

Our SEO team only uses white-hat SEO techniques that work for long-term success with Google.

Not Keeping Your SEO Updated

It can take from six months to a year for your site to rank well on Google and your rankings will drop if you don’t keep your site updated to comply with Google’s ever-evolving algorithms.

Our SEO team stays up to date on the latest SEO techniques and will update your website to make sure it stays at the top.

Having Content that is Low Quality

Many SEO companies create content full of keywords in sentences that don’t even make sense!

Our SEO content team uses the right keywords in original, engaging, and relevant content, so they’re a hit with both your website visitors and Google!