SEO that dominates search results

Reach potential clients who are actively searching for the products or services you provide when they are ready to buy.

The AOK Marketing SEO team will craft an expert SEO strategy that puts your business at the top of search results to lead them directly to your website.

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Reach your ideal customers when they are ready to buy and searching for your services online!


is crucial to getting found online

Did you know that 93% of online activity begins on a search engine and the primary search engine is Google?

Search engine optimization is incredibly important for small businesses and it’s crucial to implement SEO correctly or your site will get banned by Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing and it will be very difficult for your potential customers to find you online.

The SEO experts at AOK Marketing specialize in white-hat SEO techniques that will help your site rank for the specific keywords that your potential customers are searching for so they end up on your website instead of the sites of your competitors.

Our team will develop an SEO strategy that will make sure your site is easily found at the top of search engines, providing you with a lot of highly-targeted free organic traffic.

We understand the latest algorithms of each search engine so that your website can rank well on any search engine you choose, ensuring a steady stream of free traffic.

What factors are important to Google?

80% of people who use search engines only look at organic listings, completely ignoring paid ads.

It’s really hard to rank on Google, unless you know what you are doing.

The SEO team at AOK Marketing are experts at giving Google exactly what they want.

Google wants sites to work properly and provide real value to website visitors. The most important factors Google considers for SEO are listed below in the order that they impact search rankings.

Link Structure

Google was built on the belief that the most authoritative sites have lots of relevant links pointing to them. That’s still true today. Making sure you know who is linking to you, and why, is more important than any other factor.

The more relevant sites linking to you, the higher you will rank.

A good link profile is life changing.

Internal Link Structure and Crawlability
of the Website

Search engines send bots to scan your website, searching your pages and site map to collect pertinent information.

They follow the internal links to associated content, but they will not be able to crawl your pages if there are errors on your website.

We will make sure your sitemap and pages are set up properly for crawlability.

Content that
Engages Visitors

Google rewards websites that provide relevant content to site visitors.

It measures this success through time on site, bounce rates, and conversions.

Our team will help you create content that is engaging, relevant, and encourages repeat visits.


Google looks for keywords that are relevant to what users are searching for so they can categorize your site properly.

Our SEO team specializes in identifying relevant keywords and making sure they are present on your site in context that makes sense.

Elements of UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience)

The average amount of time a visitor is on your website before they leave is tracked by Google and that data is weighed heavily in how well your website ranks.

Our UI/UX team specializes in designing your site to keep your visitors engaged once they are on your site.

Website URL,
Title & Descriptions

Our SEO team will create a clear and relevant URL, title and description META tags for your website to encourage search users to click through to your website instead of the sites of your competitors.

Schema Markup

A schema markup provides additional relevant data to Google and search users, including reviews, increasing the likelihood of click throughs to your site.

AOK Marketing SEO experts will get your site to the top of search rankings and make sure it stays there!