Paid Social Media

connects with your customers where they hang out

One third of the time people spend online is on social networks. Reach your market where they live.

So you set up your page on Facebook, your account on Instagram, your business page on LinkedIn?

Not getting the traffic you hoped for
from these channels?

AOK Marketing will help you reach your ideal customers with paid social ads
that deliver the engagement, web traffic, and sales that you want!


Facebook is the biggest social network with billions of users!

67% of Americans who use Facebook spend an average of 58 minutes a day on the platform.

This equates to the average user spending 10% of their non-work/school hours on Facebook.

Even though it is free to set up your Facebook page, organic reach is typically 6% or less of the people who have liked your page.

This is why 94% of social media marketers utilize paid ads to reach their customers.

AOK Marketing social media team will use demographics and data to target your ideal customers to ensure that your message reaches them, and to increase lead generation and sales.


While Facebook has the most users, Instagram has the highest rate of interaction and social relevancy of all social media platforms by far!

It is the best platform to target millennials because it is so user-centric. Influencers and “Instagram Stars” are two of the driving forces behind the high user engagement.

Did you know 75% of users are prepared to take immediate action to relevant content? Sounds like the channel for you!

The social media team at AOK Marketing knows exactly how to plan and execute Instagram strategies and campaigns that will convert Instagram users into loyal customers.


With 590 Million active LinkedIn users, it is the best platform for B2B marketing.

94% of B2B social marketers publish content on LinkedIn to reach their target audience.

The AOK Marketing social media team first helps each of our B2B clients become known as authorities in their specific industry to increase engagement, establishing trust with their audience, which leads to lifelong customers and ongoing revenue.


Each month, billions of users log onto YouTube to consume content.

The most popular videos range from four to six minutes in length, giving businesses a much more in-depth way to engage with their audience than other social media platforms.

Our team at AOK Marketing assists our clients with a YouTube strategy that includes advertising on trending videos, collaboration with popular channels in their market. This builds a deeper connection with their brand’s identity and culture, delivering results that drive revenue and profit.