Affiliate and Influencer Marketing that perfoms!

Have a website that generates sales? Awesome. Not getting as many sales as you want?

Boost your marketing efforts with partners who can drive more sales for your business!

AOK Marketing will help you!

Our Affiliate and Influencer team makes it easy to get a digital salesforce promoting and selling your products. These awesome partners have tons of traffic they can send your way, but finding and managing them doesn’t have to be hard. We take care of researching, launching, managing and optimizing your successful program.

Start Selling More Online!

Building and executing a successful affiliate or influencer marketing program is all about knowing what to do. It’s all about driving the growth of your online sales.

The expert team at AOK Marketing will develop and maintain an attractive program to find new partners and keep existing partners engaged. We will identify, recruit, and activate affiliates and influencers who can help your growth plans come to life.

Our team uses systematic, repeatable processes that deliver results. It’s not about guessing what works and trying it out, hoping for a win. It’s a process. This is what separates AOK from the rest. Proven techniques that work.

We will identify build the program, manage creative development, identify prospective partners, engage with them, build the relationships and trust required to motivate them to continue to promote your brand. Then we will optimize your program based on feedback from your partners to make it a huge success!

Our team at AOK will prevent you from making these fatal mistakes with your Affiliate and Influencer program

Poor Research:

Great influencers and affiliates don’t just appear, they need to be recruited. Your program is just one of many possibilities for them, and recruiting the right network of partners is key.

No Activation:

Just because you put up a program doesn’t mean anyone will adopt or promote it. You have to motivate people to promote your products, and continue promoting them.

No Oversight:

Even a well developed program with specific rules needs to be policed. It takes vigilance and experience to ensure your brand is protected.

Lack of Communication:

Great communication with your partners is the key to success. You have to maintain relationships and keep them motivated. Any new product or service launches have to be kept top of mind, and any new campaign assets or resources have to be delivered to get the best results possible.


The long term success of your program requires measurement and a scientific approach to conversion rate optimization. What needs to be improved? How will your competitors react? What is the current market environment? How can you get the most conversions and have those numbers increase over time? Our CRO specialists will help every step of the way to continue to grow your business.