Paid Ads deliver results now

Google paid advertising enables you to reach your ideal customers quickly, achieving fast ROI.

Implementing Google Ads or Microsoft Ads?


But you want traffic now?

The AOK Marketing Google Paid Ad Experts will help you capture search and web traffic now, delivering immediate results and sales!

Google AdWords

While SEO can take six months to a year to see results, Google Ads let you jump the line and show at the top of search results on Google today!

The typical return on ad spend for most businesses using AdWords is $3 in revenue for each $1.60 spent on ads.

Whether you want to each a local, regional, national or international audience of Google search users, we will craft a campaign that delivers the traffic and results you want, right now.

The AOK Marketing Paid Search team will continuously monitor your campaign and make constant adjustments to make sure your campaign continues to deliver highly-targeted traffic to your website.

Google Display Advertising

How does reaching up to 90% of online users with a clickthrough rate (CTR) almost 10X higher than your typical Facebook ad sound to you?

Google Display Advertising enables you to do this by giving you the ability to reach a highly-targeted market on many of the most popular websites online, a network with the reach of 180,000,000 ad impressions each month!

Even better… our paid advertising team can optimize your campaign to skyrocket your clickthrough rate up to 33X higher on the Google Display Network than any existing social media platform online!

If that ROI sounds appealing, contact us now to discuss how we can help you reach your ideal customers on the sites they are already visiting across the web, enabling you to increase brand and product awareness and, most importantly, generate more sales.

Remarketing Campaigns

Google remarketing keeps your business in front of your prospects

It’s important to re-engage with the people who clicked through to visit your site, but didn’t take action when they were there.

Google Remarketing accomplishes this for you by retargeting them so your business stays on top of their mind, wherever they go online, even if they are on a competitor’s website!

Google Remarketing performs as well or better than email, search or display ads for 91% of the businesses who utilize this laser-targeted advertising tool!

The AOK Marketing Google Advertising team will guide you through the process of re-engaging your potential customers with Google Remarketing to deliver powerful results that drive more sales to your business.