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“AOK Marketing offers a great service. As a small nonprofit organization, we don’t have the in-house expertise to maximize the use of our Google AdWords service. They took time to understand our needs, and then developed a plan to help us reach our target audience on AdWords. It was an iterative process, full of trial and error. We learned so much, and now we have a new platform to reach the people who need our help.”

Stephanie Colosi
Assistant Director of Marketing
JVS – Work Transforms Lives

Are you interested in applying for the $10,000 per month Google Ad Grants* and $1000 per month AOK Marketing Donation? If so, please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you to explain more about our program.

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    *Google Ad Grants: Free AdWords advertising to promote your website on Google through keyword targeting.


    Are you an eligible Nonprofit?

    Make sure your organization meets the following requirements:


    Important Eligibility Details:

    At present, our Nonprofits program is open only to organizations in the United States and Canada.

    US nonprofits: To be considered for inclusion in our Nonprofits program, an organization’s 501(c)(3) status must first be publicly updated in the IRS’s online database copies of IRS letters are not sufficient for this requirement. You can review your organization’s current status here. Please note that this update can take some time after an organization receives IRS notification of its 501(c)(3) determination.

    We only allow one membership per organization. However, branches of umbrella organizations that share Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) with their parent organizations are eligible for individual memberships. Branches must indicate that they are applying as a “related organization” during the application process and go through additional screening.

    Giving Back – A $132,000 Open Offer

    To Charities & Not-For-Profit’s

    Call you never want to get…

    On an otherwise normal Friday morning in December, I was jarred awake by my cell phone ringing. Looking to see who was calling, I got a sense of dread as it was from my friend Ed, who’s mother had been ill with cancer.

    I thought this was going to be the type of call you never want to get…

    When I answered the phone, I was both right and wrong. His mom was fine, but his twin brother, Peter, had died the day before. This shocked me. He was only 44! He would be leaving behind two young girls and a wife of 15 years! I was terribly saddened by the news.


    Thinking for the Best

    After the funeral, this awful tragedy got me thinking. What was I doing to leave a legacy? How was I giving back? What skills can I offer to help make a difference in the world?

    I suddenly had a thought, “I’ve got a great team of people doing amazing work. How can we give back as a company?” Many hands can give back more than I alone ever could. So I started thinking about ways we can make a mark, and impact someone’s life for the better.

    Seemingly by coincidence, I had just recently heard of a great program offered by Google – their Google Grants program. Now if you haven’t heard of AOK Marketing we are a digital agency with the SEO service Toronto is talking about and Google Partner with one of our services being PPC Management (Paid Search Management).

    When I connected the dots between what we do, and what Google is doing, I thought “This is it!”

    I decided we would give back in 2016 like we’d never done before

    Google Grants has a program that allows qualifying charities and Not-For-Profits $10,000 per month in free search advertising (yes really!), and we’re going to be donating a portion of our monthly spend management fee to help them even more. To be exact we will donate back 2/3 of our fee, or $1000 per month for each charity we help so long as they are part of the program, and we’re managing their account.

    This means any charity that qualifies can get up to $132,000 per year in grants and donations!


    I hope this little bit of giving back can help honor Peter’s memory, and inspire those of us still here to do more while we can.


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