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Millions of Individuals and companies turn to Yelp to make spending decisions

74 percent of customers looking online for a local company turn to a review site (Nielsen, 2016)
79 percent of Yelp users that make a purchase in a company they discovered on Yelp do this in a week (Nielsen, 2016)

Get In Front and Stay There

Yelp Advertising puts your company in front of local customers looking to buy. 92 percent of Yelp users purchase after seeing Yelp listings and 79 percent of people who purchase do so within a week, according to Nielsen.
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From Yelp Vistors To Your Customers

The Improved Profile Program includes Features like a picture slideshow, a Call to Action button made to guide Clients’ on their journey, along with an optional video experience.

Cut Out The Competition

The Improved Profile Program also limits advertisements bought by local Companies from appearing in your own Yelp Business Page.  Something a run-of-the-mill Toronto SEO company couldn’t do for you.

Show Up On Your Competitors Page

The flip side to the limited advertising of competitors on your page, your ads can show on their page!


Premium positioning on competition and search business pages

Drive Yelp visitors to a Yelp Business Page using Yelp Advertising. Yelp Ads may appear in Various areas including on applicable search result pages, competition company pages, picture pages etc..

Presence on desktop and mobile devices

78% of Yelp searches were performed on a mobile device and 64% of fresh Yelp reviews were created on cellular devices. Yelp Advertising boosts your company across all of Yelp platforms: desktop, computer, mobile site, and cellular program.

Know more about your visibility

Track visitors to your Yelp Business Page, such as opinions from cellular devices, through your “User Views” chart. Additionally, you are going to have the ability to assess the visitors to your organization’s page within 30 day, 12 month, and 24 month intervals.

Track the way users interact with Your Company

Utilize the “Client Leads” attribute to find out how folks interact with your company on Yelp. This attribute shows you if a Yelp consumer has requesting information about your business, mapped instructions to your organization, or clicked through to your site.


AOK & Yelp

We are excited to announce that AOK Marketing is a Yelp Ads Accredited Partner.

Not only are we proud to be a New York SEO company, we are now able to support Yelp Marketing campaigns for every one of our customers – small and large! We are looking forward to discussing ways we can help you maximize your Yelp presence. Contact us to find out how you begin using Yelp Advertising today!