The Sun Never Sets On AOK

Quick Fact - AOK is short for An Opportunity Knocks

Our philosophy is simple. Find the best person for the job.

Are they located in Cairo?  Perfect.  Houston?  Awesome.  Sydney?  Fantastic.  It doesn’t matter where the team is, we’re building the best SEO company Toronto has ever seen!

Great people are everywhere, and we believe that people should control their workday, their work environment, and where they live.  We have team members in 9 countries: United States, Canada, Egypt, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Hong Kong, and so it can be said the sun never sets on AOK.

Who’s working on your account?  The best, or someone who’s on their way to becoming the best.  If we had to sum up what we are looking for in someone who’s joining our team it would be:

They are responsive, good communicators of what they want and what they will deliver. They are reliable, happy people dedicated to meet deadlines, deliver on what’s promised, and perform to the best of their abilities every day. They are striving to be the best and eager to teach, learn and grow, while looking for a great group of people to help them on their journey.

Our Account Management Structure

  • Ana is a business writer, content marketer, and PPC copywriter who helps clients all over the world. Ana unites meaningful storytelling with an audience's needs and expectations---which results in conversions (and very happy clients!). Since 2014, she's been happily running her own writing business from home with two furry interns at her side.



  • Sarah is a recognized Facebook ad expert who has gotten results for companies such as ClickFunnels and Strategyzer. With over 10 years of experience and more than $1 million in ad spending, clients rely on her expertise and trust her with their writing needs. Sarah is never very far from a warm cup of matcha.


    Social Lead

  • Maria is a translator, transcriptor, and personal assistant who is enamored with the world's possibilities. Always bringing her best self, Maria helps others by tackling new challenges with refreshing optimism, hard work, and a dedication to self-improvement. This Venezuelan native believes that you should do what you like and love what you do.



  • Khalid is a petroleum engineering graduate turned project manager with an ear for marketing podcasts. Whether it is strategy, implementation, or day-to-day activities, he is always looking to learn and improve. An avid traveler, Khalid will be ready to jump in and keep complex projects running smoothly wherever you may find him.


    Project Manager

  • Annabella is an English teacher, interpreter, translator, and virtual assistant. Excelling at customer service, she helps clients reach the next level by nailing down the right process for each job. Annabella is happy when she exceeds expectations and delivers a high quality product. She is always on the look out for the perfect cup of coffee.



  • Scott is a SEO expert and algorithm specialist who uses a scientific approach to evaluate website rankings. An award-winning SEO professional, Scott knows that a custom solution is what drives results. Local and multinational businesses trust Scott to understand and improve upon their web presence. He finds this work rewarding and loves to see businesses succeed.


    SEO Lead

  • Dave is a digital marketing expert and the founder of AOK Marketing. When the Great Recession hit in 2008, he took a calculated risk and chose to focus on SEO. Dave knows the key to success is doing things differently and leverages his talented team to do so. He splits his time between Toronto and New York.



  • Philip is an ads specialist who is certified by both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. He has over 10 years of experience in performance marketing and is ahead of the curve on conversion rate optimization techniques. Philip personally oversees each client project and PPC plan. Ad campaigns are carefully monitored and have proven effective under his supervision.


    Search & CRO Lead

Here’s some more definition
around the people we work with


Responsiveness is a way of life. Our people are good at setting expectations, and meeting those expectations. They understand the speed of business, and being available, responsive, and addressing customer inquiries and concerns is one of the key factors to our success. Being responsive does not just apply to external parties, but internal as well.

Good Communicators

English is important, but even more than the language we speak, the ability to clearly set expectations, respond, and deliver for our customers is very important. We will communicate with others the way they like to do business: Email, Phone, In person, Text, Chat, Video, In-Tools, we will adapt to their needs.


A strong need to deliver on what’s promised is a fundamental part of being successful. Consistency with setting expectations, and delivering on those expectations, with a willingness to go above and beyond when required.

Good People

Business is a long term game. We’ve been around for 17 years and we’re just getting started. Good people value and respect each other, treat each other well, and support the other person’s journey. Kindness, fun, and enjoyment of our daily work is a key to happiness, and the people who work with us are great people. They are more than OK, they are AOK.

The Best (or on the journey)

A performance oriented mindset is key. Delivering exceptional results are what makes everyone happier. Change is a constant. While you may not be the best of the best today, your are always striving to teach, learn and grow so your tomorrow is better than your today. You work to your strengths, recognize your weaknesses, and partner with others to get ahead.

Looking to join the AOK team? We're always looking for great people.

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    • Simply put! the AOK team excels at PPC marketing. They’ve outdone all other vendors we’ve worked with on every dimension. We continuously see strong preparation, incredible responsiveness, fair pricing, the ability to adapt, and of course the financial results. Our first campaign delivered a +450% return on ad spend. Learning from that they evolved our second campaign to deliver over +900% with ~100K worth of sales. Without them, I’d still be saying “paid acquisition doesn’t work for us”, and be I’d still be missing out.

      Alan Smith

      Co-Founder at Strategyzer
    • “AOK Marketing offers a great service. As a small nonprofit organization, we don’t have the in-house expertise to maximize the use of our Google AdWords service. They took time to understand our needs, and then developed a plan to help us reach our target audience on AdWords. It was an iterative process, full of trial and error. We learned so much, and now we have a new platform to reach the people who need our help.”

      Stephanie Colosi

      Assistant Director of Marketing JVS – Work Transforms Lives
    • Got some great news… just signed 2 large jobs that will keep us busy till end of year. They were both from people who googled us and have no doubt the new website was a contributor.
      Thanks for all the help!!”

      Davyn Arscott

      President & Senior Estimator THE RENO KING
    • Worked with AOK on numerous project as both a supplier and business partner. Never have I seen a company so dedicated to providing their clients with speedy, courteous and professional service.

      Michael B

      CEO, Visual Communications Specialist
    • The team at AOK have always provided superior customer service and continually go above and beyond to produce results. Their knowledge of products, markets and branding expertise are unparalled and have made a definite impact on our business.

      Erin G

      Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • We are a very data-driven company.  So when it came to testing PPC, we wanted to work with someone who knew what they were doing and who would use data to determine whether PPC was working or not. I love how AOK not only provides expert strategic advice and implementation but constantly evolves our PPC based on what the data showed us. I was blown away with the results we saw nearly immediately and then the double-digital conversion rates we were achieving after just two weeks!

      Margaret Dawson

      CMO, Rival IQ
    • For the past two years the team at AOK have been great partners.  Their ongoing support has enabled a new line of business to grow from zero to millions of dollars in revenue.

      Sal De Spirito.