Content Development

The content for your site, your blog, your eBook; the content for announcements
for upcoming events, for special occasions; the list goes on…

Content Writing Services

To ‘do’ inbound marketing, you have to produce content. That’s the starting point. You want to attract prospects, convert them to leads, turn them into customers who provide you with sales, and then become loyal customers. But it all starts with what you say: the content for your site, your blog, your eBook; the content for announcements, for upcoming events, for special occasions; the list goes on… And you could produce great content every day, if only you had the time. So that’s what we do at AOK Marketing. We produce your content and help you get found on the web—and stay found. And there are a variety of ways we can help you with this. Just read on…


Article Writing Services

People want information. In today’s marketplace people investigate new products, new services, new companies, news in general. They want the inside track on what’s happening and what’s important. They want reasons, details, gossip, descriptions, features, and benefits. They want to know how it affects their lives, whether or not it has value for them. Sometimes you know you have something great, but how to publicize it or create a buzz around it takes more time and imagination than you can spare. It takes a marketing mind, and sometimes the efforts and talents of a team of marketers to come up with the right stuff, worded just the right way. AOK’s got your back. Give us some details and we’ll tell the tale for you, timely and to the point.


eBook Content Creation

However you collect your ideas, they’re only an abstraction until you record them. I was going to say, “until you put them down on paper,” but today there’s nothing more efficient than creating an ebook. There’s less expense, it takes far less time, and it can be disseminated worldwide instantaneously through the Internet. eBooks are revolutionizing how information is being shared. There are so many electronic devices designed to facilitate the reading of ebooks that personal libraries have become hand-held collections. But you still have to come up with the ideas, research the background, gather all the material, add the graphs and illustrations, go over the pros and cons, format the pages and design a cover—in other words, arrange everything in a publishable format. AOK has the resources to expedite the process and get your story told. Give us a call and we’ll get you from point A to point published..


Collaborative Blogging

There’s probably no greater way to create a buzz about something. Collaborative blogging is all about inviting and sharing input in an ever widening circle, about pooling time and resources to attract an ever wider readership, and at the same time lessening the pressure of keeping your site current. The more collaborative the blog becomes, the wider the content is shared through each participant’s social network. Such a blog is great for making announcements, building links, creating camaraderie, sharing information and files, promoting memberships, finding subscribers, gathering reviews, registering fans and supporters, publicizing incentives, and so on. But you’ve got to register on the right platform and avail yourself of the services of a qualified administrator. AOK can set you up, get you registered, and start building your online forum today.


Blog Writing Services

OK, you ask, why is a blog writing service so important? Blogging is by far the easiest and most popular way to establish yourself as an authority, as a major player, or as the source for your product line, service, or information. Blogging keeps your clients and customers coming back. And equally as important, blogging helps your site rank… just check out New York SEO Services Page to see how this works. But you’ve got to update your blog at least every week. You need to create a consistent flow of high quality content designed specifically around your company and focused on your industry. You can’t let it fall behind or get stale. That’s where AOK comes in, and don’t forget we also do SEO service Toronto for our Canadian customers.  We can focus on the key words or the key concepts and create the linking to your website necessary for the various search engines to navigate it effectively. Don’t just throw a blog out there, let AOK target your blog effectively.